Hello; A Work Shop.

I did a work shop back in December with Chance Faulkner, (Peterborough Wedding Photographer.) and he pretty much taught me all about my camera and how to properly use it which was extremely helpful for my photography career.

I learned about using the manual setting which is essential for photographers, you want to be able to control your aperture, f-stop, and depth of field. Another important tip I learned is to always shoot in RAW, you get higher quality images and you can enhance them more in Photoshop or Lightroom.

There was a lovely couple that came in to model for us (their pictures are as featured.) I learned different positioning techniques, lighting and how to make your client feel more comfortable… which I am still trying to master!

Location: 146 Simcoe St, Peterborough, Ontario

I took hundreds of pictures, so many that I filled my memory card. From this point on I made sure to always have a bigger memory card and to have multiple cards, this is very important especially if you are photographing a big or long event!

After taking all the pictures, Chance taught us how to use lightroom, which is a program that helps you make changes to your pictures such as exposure, contrast, lighting and colour. You can also take things out of the picture that may draw attention away from your main subject. the slightest adjustment can make such a great impact on your pictures.

Photography has been a great adventure for me and I love every minute of it. It is also a huge learning curve! There is so much to know about your camera and all the different setting. Being patient with your equipment and yourself is a very important quality to have when taking pictures. I would like to thank Chance for everything he taught me, I’m incredible thankful.


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